Barefoot Fields

Release Date: 03/08/2015

Label: Independent

Atherton is known for her powerful, larger than life vocals, imbuing every performance with a stirring passion. That fervor is evident on every track of Barefoot Fields, but it’s delivered with a controlled restraint that invites you to open your heart and get in touch with your deepest emotions.

“Add It Up” is a jaunty love song with a relaxing honky-tonk groove and a jazzy, vocalese chorus that embeds itself in your mind after a single listen. Brotherton’s sparkling guitar and Atherton’s confident singing expresses the breathless joy of infatuation and the excitement of new love. The humorous lyric, drawn from an exchange of text messages, uses mathematical language to describe the way love multiplies our emotions.

Ascending notes from Brotherton’s Dobro and shimmering, golden acoustic guitar clusters blend with her gospel flavored melismas to lift the spirit and generate a feeling of peace on “Mustard Seed.” It’s a song of quiet jubilation, written for an Easter performance at the Unity Church Atherton attends. The song’s message invites us to step out of the darkness of our individual pain and gaze at the world though the eyes of love.